• Closets – These areas are technically for storage of everyday clothing and needs but more and more we are seeing them become beautiful spaces that reflect their owners unique personality. Every person is different and so too is their closet.
  • Vanities -- A vanity houses the sink and storage that you use daily. Whether it be in a simple room or a grand spa, the vanity cabinet is often the focal point of a bathroom.
  • Laundry & Mudrooms -- Hide away items that seem to multiply in these spaces with cabinets designed for convenience and concealment. Open storage is useful, too, for frequently used items.
  • Bars, Entertainment Rooms, & Fireplaces – Whether a combined space or separate rooms, bars and entertainment spaces are among the most popular rooms we provide cabinetry for. Your flat-screen TV has a place of honor among cabinets that hide remotes, while those open spaces and floating shelves are great for knick-knacks and family photos. And around the fireplace, cabinets serve as a frame that adds elegance, while offering additional storage space.
  • Offices – In your home office, storage solutions keep the space neat and tidy with shelving, pencil drawers and those all-important file drawers, all while providing an efficient and tranquil spot for homework, or for working from home.

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