what we make

Design, manufacture, and install cabinets and countertops throughout your home or businessLet us design, manufacture, and install cabinets and countertops throughout your home or business. Cabinet storage organizes belongings and keeps things tidy, but the cabinets themselves are pieces of furniture that add warmth and flair to your décor and help create an atmosphere of home or business that is uniquely yours.

Ellis Creek Kitchens produces cabinets for both new builds and renovations for all of these home and office needs:

  • Kitchens – build your dream kitchen in your new home, or renovate your existing space to bring the style of this important multifunctional room up to date, increasing efficiency in the kitchen and your home’s value at the same time.
  • Laundry and Mud Rooms – keep clutter under control and create a special space to make laundry chores easy to handle.
  • Powder Rooms & Bathrooms – transform your private retreats into spas and make your guests feel special with a showpiece powder room.
  • Bedrooms, Dens & Craftrooms – house your TV, books and crafts in handsome storage cabinets; build a showpiece headboard or even a hideaway bed for guests.
  • Walk In Closets – create a personal one-of-kind room or nook customized to house your everyday clothing and needs
  • Home Offices – keep your space neat and tidy with shelving, pencil drawers, file drawers along with spacious countertops for homework, or for working from home.
  • Bars, Entertainment & Fireplaces – create your custom space for entertaining with home theater, gym, bar and seating areas for your guests.
  • Wine Rooms – display your wine on elegant shelving and racks whether you are a collector or even an aspiring vintner yourself.
  • Countertops – your choice of countertops can be included with your cabinet project or we can do just “countertops only” to install onto your existing cabinets.

materials we use

Recent years have seen a wealth of new materials in all construction related industries. Our cabinet material suppliers keep us up to date on new materials available.  And we monitor what’s going on in the home-improvement industry so we can stay “on-trend” with materials, patterns and finishes as well. In addition, we are known for putting the custom in custom cabinets – what we can’t find locally or from our suppliers, we research online until we have the perfect piece needed to fulfil your design vision.

Cabinet materials can be broadly classified into three groups –

  • Exterior – this is what you see on the outside when all the cabinet doors and drawers are closed make up the Exterior materials.  This is what creates the “style” of your project. See our Gallery for more information on available cabinet styles
  • Interior – this is what you see on the inside when you open the cabinet doors and drawers make up the interior materials, also commonly called the casework.
  • Accessories – these are the hard-working features of your cabinets such as pullouts and dividers that make your life easier and are just as important to design as the style on the exterior.


Wood Materials –

  • Hardwood Species include Maple, Cherry, Black Walnut, White or Red Oak and Hickory.On the softer side we have Alder, Vertical Fir and Pine. Other species can be sourced by our suppliers. Let us know what you are looking for. 
  • Most woods are available in either solids or veneers, but some rare woods can only be obtained in veneer panels.
  • Wood is typically fabricated as Stile & Rail 5-piece doors with Raised or Flat Panels but can also be made as Flat Panel Slab for a Contemporary look. Visit our showroom to view our extensive selection of wood door styles.
  • Available finishes can be clear to feature the natural beauty of wood, or any one of our custom stains. Antiquing finishes are popular on 5-piece doors.
  • Price point – Low to High depending on the wood species and the door style chosen.

Painted Materials –

Sample door colors

  • Solid MDF one-piece doors with CNC routed panels are available with either a durable slab back in a white melamine finish or a matching painted finish.  These are also available as a Flat Panel Slab for the Contemporary look.
  • Wood Painted Doors have a solid wood Paint Grade maple frame with MDF panels for a long lasting paint finish (wood veneer cannot be painted). Wood frames tend to have crisper details than routed CNC frames so are often preferred in a shaker style door.
  • Available finishes include our standard selection of paint colours – currently 5 different whites and 2 grey tones.  Our colours are based on Benjamin Moore Paints to make it easy for you to co-ordinate trim and wall colours in your palette.
  • Custom colours are available – bring us your choices to match.
  • Price point – Low for Flat Panel Slab MDF and one-piece MDF doorstyles, Medium to High for Wood Painted Doorstyles.

TFL Materials –

Thermally Fused Laminate

  • TFL is an acronym for Thermally Fused Laminate or formerly Thermally Fused Melamine. You may know it as just “Textured Melamine”. This material has rapidly gained acceptance over past years for its great range of colours, patterns and finishes.
  • TFL can look and feel like high-end wood, distressed wood, barnwood, concrete, cork, abstract patterns and so much more. Solid colours are also available in matte, super matte and high gloss finishes.
  • Ellis Creek Kitchens offers Flat Panel Slab TFL doors in many patterns and finishes. One of the advantages of this material is its uniformity – there will be no variations from panel to panel as long as all material is purchased in the same lot.
  • Brands – TFL is manufactured all over the world and has varying quality levels.  Ellis Creek Kitchens chooses only reliable higher end brands that we are confident will remain durable and give extended service in your project.
  • Price point – Low for solid colours and some wood patterns, Medium for high-end textured wood patterns, High to Very High for some super matte solids and wood patterns.

Acrylic High Gloss Materials –

Acrylic High Gloss Materials

  • Acrylic panels are really a sub-set of TFL but deserve special mention.  The Acrylic top layer is a thicker material than melamine and is resistant to UV rays and discoloration.
  • Manufactured in dramatic wood grains and vibrant solid colours as well as your choice of whites, Acrylic doorstyles are only available in a Flat Panel Slab doorstyle.
  • Price point – Medium to Very High.

interior MATERIALS – case materials, hinges and drawer slides

Case Materials –

  • Choice of materials for cabinet cases includes White Melamine, PreFinished Birch Plywood and our newest material, White Finished Plywood. Other case materials can also be used to suit your requirements including matching exterior materials for China Cabinets and Open Shelves.  Open closets are also frequently made in exterior materials.
  • Interior construction specifications feature all 3/4" shelving with 5/8” vertical gables. Gables are doubled up – via their adjacent cabinets or at exposed ends via our Exterior Applied Panel for an effective thickness of 1 1/4". Construction details include fully captured 5/8” backs and dowel and Confirmat fastenings.
  • Drawer box construction uses our standard concealed dowel and glue method in 5/8” material including drawer bottoms for maximum capacity.  Drawer box sizes are generous and utilize the depth and height of the opening to its fullest extent.
  • Blum Cabinet Hardware is our long-time established standard choice for opening and closing doors and drawers. Our cabinets all feature the soft-close “Blumotion” system allowing for soft and effortless movement no matter how heavy or hard they are closed. Our hardware includes Tandem Concealed Full Extension slides for drawers and pullouts, Clip hinges for vertical doors and Aventos lift systems for horizontal openings. Blum Hardware is an Austrian fitting specialist recognized for many years for excellence in this field.  All Blum hardware carries a lifetime warrantee.


The range of available cabinet inserts and accessories is extensive.  Our brands include Blum, Rev-A-Shelf, Marathon, Hafele, Kessebohmer, and Richelieu among many others.  Here is a selection of some of the accessories or inserts that we frequently incorporate in cabinets:

  • Lemans Corner Cabinet Organizer in a selection of finishes
Lemans Corner Cabinet Organizer in a selection of finishes
Lemans Corner Cabinet Organizer - white finish
  • Lazy Susans or Carousel systems
Lazy Susans
Carousel systems
  • Pull Out Waste Bins – Single and Double
Pull Out Waste Bins – Single
Pull Out Waste Bins – Double